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 Ray's Custom Cycle




Ray and Jessica

Butch, Ray, Jessica, and Kenny


Easyriders Kansas City 4-3-04



Ray, Kenny, and Chris

Easyriders Kansas City 4-3-04



Ray with the Devilish Bobber



Bob, Kenny, Ray, & Chris with the Devilish Bobber


umm...uhh...I can't explain this!


Ray and Jessica with the Gladiator


Mrs. Jessica at the ZZ Top/Coors Bike Giveaway


Ray, ready to race!

Tonya says, How do you work this thing?


She's ready Now!


Mrs. Jessica's turn.


Pullin' in after a long ride!


Kenny, Ray, Kat & Chris

Jeff Williams Bike Show Jan. 2005



There is nothing like a cold beer and a good cigar!