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 Ray's Custom Cycle


           Here's the concept:  Old School quality, New school Technology!! We first set out to build a bike that had everything today's billet barges have but to put it on a clean old school ride with minimal visual defects such as cables, wires and so on.  I guess you could say this is the type of bike we would consider  easy on the eyes. 

            Frame: 300 series, right side drive; Stretched 10"up and 6"out, 38 degrees rake Motor: 93" Panhead style built by Ray himself . Trans: 6-speed , final drive chain. Connecting the two is a BDL open belt. Performance Machine got the call on the wheels and rear drive side brake.  Mondo @ Denver's built one hell of a nice springer.  This bike is loaded with one-off parts.  It is running a RCC set of handlebars.  RCC patent pending fuel valve .  RCC custom exhaust, braking system using just a foot master cylinder, oil tank, battery box, right side kickstand, strutless rear fender.

               This Bike is For Sale, call the shop for more details